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Epiphany Dermatology Selects BDA's Healthy Contracts CLM

(August 2020 - Exeter, NH & Austin, TX ) – Business Data Applications, Inc. announced today that one of the fastest growing dermatology providers in the country, Epiphany Dermatology, has selected the BDA solution platform Healthy Contracts to manage all of their contracts, critical dates, business associate agreements, certificates of insurance and vendor relationship associations.  The decision was based upon BDA’s ability to deploy their decades long experience to logically organize and implement their solutions while utilizing real world healthcare use case scenarios in order to optimize the design and delivery methodology.

“Since our inception, Epiphany has been focused on building the best dermatology platform to improve access to great dermatologic care by freeing dermatologists from the administrative burdens of running their practice.  We have a profound responsibility to provide our dermatology partners with world-class support, and legal/regulatory support is paramount in our fast-growing, highly-regulated healthcare environment.  We chose to partner with BDA because of their healthcare focus and ability to help us manage legal contracts and commitments.  BDA’s technology is simply better, and it’s seasoned team is very customer-first in their approach, which made us very comfortable switching from a legacy contract lifecycle management software.” commented Gheorghe Pusta, CEO of Epiphany Dermatology.   

“Epiphany continues growing very rapidly, having expanded to 51 clinic locations across 10 states in just over five years.  With that fast growth comes pain unless they truly integrate practices and manage those responsibilities well, which they’re committed to doing in all facets of their support organization.  That is why they partner with us to support their legal and compliance goals…”  commented Todd Adams, President of Business Data Applications Inc., “…we are so pleased to welcome this top-notch dermatology provider to our rapidly expanding family of clients.”

About Epiphany Dermatology - Epiphany Dermatology believes everyone should have immediate access to the best skin care, regardless of where they choose to live and raise their family. Gone are the days of waiting many months and driving countless miles to see a dermatologist. Epiphany's physicians are exceptionally well-schooled at some of the finest medical and dermatology training programs in the country, including Harvard, Stanford, Mayo Clinic, University of Texas, University of Washington, and Washington University. They believe it is their responsibility to help all patients, regardless of financial status, insurance type, or scheduling needs.

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