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Focus Arrangement Management (FAM)

Focus Agreements relating to regulatory findings are never exciting nor will they ever be.  With Healthy Contracts CLM from BDA you can rest assured that all related FAs are properly associated, accounted for and ready for the IRO if that requirement should occur. 

Healthy Contracts FAM

We start by providing you with the right tools to associate your high risk focus agreements, contracting parties and the source attachments necessary to justify decisions. Accessing the records in Healthy Contracts CLM is simple with accurate, specific and meaningful data points built with these agreements in mind. We know the requirements and have built Healthy Contracts CLM to immediately accommodate the required data from your focus arrangements for access, reporting and audit functions.  



  • FAM Custom Data Sets 

  • Provisions and Risk Management & Assessments 

  • Simple and Automated Workflow for Review and Origination

  • Configurable FAM Dashboards

  • MSA’s and Subordinate Contract FAM Management

  • Existing FAM Import & Export

  • Complete FAM Lifecycle History

  • Standard, Custom, Saved and Shared FAM Reports

  • FAM Attachment Management

  • Important FAM Dates Management

  • Vendor Relationship Management

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