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Business Associate Agreement Management (BAAM)

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are essential instruments containing critical data that you need at your fingertips should the OCR come knocking. The Healthy Contracts CLM by BDA gives you the power you need in one finger. 

Healthy Contracts BAAM

Accessing and relating BAAs in the Healthy Contracts CLM is a breeze with relational vendor/party management and associated contracts. We know the requirements and have built the Healthy Contracts CLM to immediately accommodate the required data from your BAAs for access, reporting and audit functions.  



  • Dual BA and CE Relationships

  • Automated Workflow for Review and Origination

  • BAA Assessments and Provision Management 

  • BAA Management for Master and Subordinate Agreements

  • Existing BAA Import & Export

  • Complete BAA Lifecycle History

  • Revision & Review Date Management

  • Scheduled Custom BAA Reports

  • Associated Contracts and Documents

  • Important BAA Dates 

  • Automated Owner Notifications

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