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Variable Data Tables

When you have frequently changing data coming from multiple sources that need to be tracked in the same record as the contract where the relationship, terms, and conditions were agreed upon, you can rely on Healthy Contracts CLM.

Healthy Contracts VDT


The feature allows Healthy Contracts CLM users to harvest, manage, access and report multiple sets of data that change over the lifecycle of an agreement such as rent roles in real estate leases, reimbursement rates for managed care agreements or invoiced/AP actuals and receivables associated with clinical or administrative agreements of any type. Variable Data Tables", coupled with "Data Accordions" in the Healthy Contracts CLM, enables the power to reconcile contracted data with multiple sets of frequently changing data elements throughout the life of the agreement.  



  • Unlimied Data and Data Sets

  • All Contract Types

  • Standard, Custom and Scheduled Reports

  • Contract and Data Table Lifecycle History

  • Data Import & Export

  • Important Dates Management

  • Vendor/Contact Relationship Management

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