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Letter from the CEO


Raymond "Sonny" O'Kelley, CEO & Founder

Welcome to BDA! I hope you are having a great year both personally and professionally. Here at BDA our extended contract geek family continues to grow as we find more ways to make contract management easier, faster and more affordable. The BDA team continues to provide a level of support to our clients that is unsurpassed in healthcare. We all continue to strive for the highest levels of performance while following the BDA mission of offering an honest and straightforward approach to business with simple, easy & flexible solutions.   


If you have not yet been introduced to BDA through colleagues or one of our associates, please feel free to schedule an introductory call and/or demonstration. It might not be the right time to change vendors, but we are always happy to engage with contract geeks, even for information purposes. 


Healthcare is ever changing and continues to be one of the most challenging industries to work in. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to serve you while you do the important behind the scenes work that allows your organization to deliver healthcare to our family and friends. From all of us at BDA we thank you and wish you the very best!


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