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Consulting Services

Consulting Services are provided as needed via agreed upon scopes of services which detail the fundamental elements of the project.   We have 4 primary consulting services offerings which include:


Expired Contracts Assessment

Our subject matter experts will perform data gathering and analysis of all recently expired agreements in order to reconcile them against accounts payable records.  Utilizing the Healthy Contracts CLM to notify stakeholders of potential overspend, waste and abuse shall occur once deliverable are presented and action plans are established.  

Contract Management Process Improvement

Dedicated and certified BDA resource to complete a project to assist you in performing a review of current contract management processes and associated system configurations in two focused arrangement areas (e.g., referral source, general vendor, supply chain, etc.) with the objective of idenfying and potentially recommending process improvement remediation.  


Business Associate Agreement Assessment Services

Business Associate Agreements can be stored within Healthy Contracts CLM, giving you the ability to track and report on this information quickly. We also offer professional services to assist your organization in meeting the HHS Office for Civil Rights’ requirements for BAAs.

Project Support Optimization

A BDA solutions team will provide temporary project planning, management, oversight, and completion of BDA initiatives and special projects that you desire us to execute outside of the scope of services offered herein.

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