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Professional Services

Training and Professional Services are critical elements to our success together.  During the implementation process, PS Personnel become involved should you identify outlier business requirements that must be coordinated via a scope of services in order to specify exact project elements and delivery expectations.  These outlier business requirements are documented, reviewed and agreed upon and then delivered by our PS Personnel. 


Our Professional Services and Implementation Services work hand in hand to manage post-adoption & ongoing training requirements for you.  In addition to these services you might want us to perform on scopes such as:


Custom Tables

Should you desire to track unique data elements such as rates, serial numbers, assets, real estate lease data, etc. we will configure custom tables for your users to populate and report upon.  These tables will be created to your specification and have no limits. 


Data Abstraction and Population

Our Professional Services team will identify, abstract, and populate data fields with required elements from your contracts, attachments, BAAs, and COIs.  These services may take the form of a one-time fee for abstraction from all existing files in your database, or as ongoing fees to provide continued abstraction services for all newly added and updated records.


Assessments Implementation

Online survey software that easily helps you evaluate vendors/contracts/goods & services performance, so you can comply with state and federal regulations and accrediting agencies such as Joint Commission and DNV.  Automated and ADHOC assessments with notifications to stakeholders are sent out, collected and made available in your Healthy Contracts CLM to remediate gap allowing for audit visibility and informed decisions.  Assessments can be done at the Agreement and Contracted Party level as well as the “Functional Area” level to include contractual/vendor assessments for finance, operations, performance, risk etc… 


Risk Scoring Implementation

Utilizing the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management “Likelihood and Impact” methodology, our risk scoring offering provides stakeholder level assignments and aggregate provisional scoring results at the document and vendor levels.  Contracts, BAA’s, COI’s and Vendors may be subject to risk domains and identified risk items.


Customized Training Plan

Customized Training plan to educate designated system administrator and end users on the Future State Contract Management Process, revised standards of procedures and the use of Healthy Contracts CLM.

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