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BDA Marketing                                                                                                                              August 5, 2021

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August 2021 - Exeter, NH.  Business Data Applications, Inc. announced today the release of their Non-Monetary Compensation Registry now available in the Healthy Contracts CLM .  This powerful feature provides clients with an easy to use registry enabling transparency at both the focus arrangement and provider profile level to track and manage non-monetary compensation and potential exceptions while taking advantage of the powerful features in the Healthy Contracts CLM solution or as a stand-alone solution.  

“With the general availability of our non-monetary compensation registry feature and rich reporting, we can now provide a great tool for administrators to manage provider NMC and incidentals…” commented Raymond “Sonny” O’Kelley, CEO of Business Data Applications Inc., “We are excited to provide these powerful tools and services in order to assist healthcare with achieving the highest levels of focus arrangements compliance.”


Reducing a healthcare organization’s risk of non-compliance and keeping up-to-date data relative to provider compensation in accordance with the Stark Law is made easy with the Healthy Contracts CLM.  Because we manage both the focus arrangement and the provider profile separately with rich date, users can access this important information from both perspectives to include custom scheduled reports.



About BDA & Healthy Contracts CLM

Exeter, NH. - At Business Data Applications, Inc. we have a saying, “It’s All About the Data”.  That means we are obligated to deliver better solutions for managing your most critical information that are Better, Dependable and Affordable to implement and maintain.  That’s BDA.   Healthy Contracts CLM is a cloud-based SaaS platform requiring no investment in facilities, hardware, software, or internal IT related resource costs. All aspects of agreement and document lifecycle, including creation, monitoring of key performance and quality measurements, risk scoring, assessment management, and compliance are managed in the Healthy Contracts CLM.

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